Baking by Weight

Metric is a Must for Baking

My number one baking recommendation for the new year: change to the metric system. Using volume to measure ingredients adds unnecessary variables in baking, and is often the cause for failure. Nothing sucks more than spending the time and effort to bake something new only to have it come out terrible because your method of measurement differs from the recipe developer's.

If I create a recipe using cups (volume), I might spend a minute or so fluffing up my flour to aerate it before getting to the measuring part. Each cup is filled with well-aerated spoonfuls of flour, one by one. But even following my own steps this way, the amount of flour will be different, every time. Now imagine if someone else comes along and tries to follow my recipe, only they scoop out a cup from the flour container and simply wipe off the excess. Regardless of whether you carefully or carelessly measure out a cup of flour, the exact amount will vary. And in baking, precision is often the difference between success and failure.

So this year, rather than rush out to get a bathroom scale, why not get one for the kitchen instead. You'll appreciate the one in the kitchen a whole lot more!