Introducing the Excluded Foodies Blog

When you love food and food culture, but the food, and the culture, don't love you.

Fifteen years after my diagnosis of celiac disease, I've learned a thing or two about living with food restrictions. I also have several family members whose combined food allergies run the entire gamut. Armed with all sorts of funny, disturbing, frustrating, and successful experiences, I'm ready to share what I know to help others.

Not a Recipe Blog

I'm not here to offer recipes. Between existing blogs with decades of experience, the plethora of recipe books specific to a range of dietary needs, and good ol' Pinterest, I don't have any recipes that aren't already covered in some way. I will gladly share my sources, though. I have many!Instead, my focus is on these two areas of food restrictions:

  1. Providing fundamental knowledge that makes adapting easier

  2. Showing the social, cultural, and personal impacts

Awareness and access to alternatives today are a major improvement over what we had even just ten years ago. However, that progress is tied to expensive, second-rate products, complicated recipes with obscure ingredient lists, and an overall failure to recognize the resentment and isolation that comes with food restrictions. In order to address these problems, we need education and conversation.

My hope is that you will find value in what I'm doing and pass the word along. I'd love to discuss your experiences too, so please do jump in on the comments, send me a message here, or reach out on any one of the social media platforms linked on the site.