A Body in Motion

Personal Essay

Examining the sensory needs of motion.

Beyond the Margins - Oregon Humanities

Do They Know?

Personal Essay

She’s just another kid among the hundreds they have to shuffle throughout the year. Walking down the junior high hallways with headphones clamped firmly in place, avoiding contact by hugging the walls and diving out of the way of her peers, I don’t see any acknowledgement at all by her teachers that this kid works two-three times harder than everyone else to appear “normal.”

Invisible Illness - a Medium publication

The Void Left from Protecting the Environment

Long-form Essay

The trade-off from the lack of standard amenities was growing a special reverence for a wild and dangerous nature. Not the serene, manicured parks that offer peace and tranquility to urban and suburban dwellers. The nature I quickly adapted to was alive and unpredictable, activating every one of my senses and alerting me to the subtlest of changes.

Cirque - A Journal of the North Pacific Rim


Jenn’s Balancing Act


Jenn maintains a tough balance between dependence and independence in her career and life. She requires assistance for the most basic functions--eating, sleeping, toileting--yet she fights to live independently. She has done everything we're told to do to get ahead: go to college, specialize in a high-demand field, and get a job to build experience. But she's limited in how much she can earn because of restrictive criteria for federal and state disability services, and absurd low-income housing requirements.


Beyond Gaming: Using AR, VR, and Unity to Build Dams

Feature Article

A multi-discipline team in Italy has developed a user-friendly application to collaborate the design, implementation, and maintenance of large water infrastructure using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Unity. Building dams using digital gaming technologies.


A Multipronged Approach to Reducing False Positives in Cybersecurity Alerts


Reducing the number of false positives in web-based cyber attacks by using the information from multiple cybersecurity datasets.


For the Working Class


Barrel racing was not my favorite part of the events when I was young, but I realize now it was my peoples' sort of affair.


Women in Science

Posters - Graphic Design

Ada Lovelace, Hypatia, and Eleanore Glanville. A poster series celebrating historical women in science.


Oren’s Stars

Novel Excerpt

Oren is a ten-year-old kid who gets along with numbers far better than people. She is fascinated by the stars and dreams of becoming an astronaut to explore them all. But Oren is old enough now to understand the roadblocks standing in the way of her dreams. After relocating with her father to a rural town in Washington, doors she didn't even know existed were suddenly thrown wide open, whether she was ready for them or not.